Yugioh Card – The Game

The Yugioh trading card game has been popular in the last 10 years. Gamers profession, get, and also duel with their collection of Yugioh cards. Like other TCG’s it has a collection of rules to adhere to.


Yugioh was designed by Kazuki Takashi as well as has ended up being among the top 10 most prominent TCG games of perpetuity. In the game, you need to duel your challenger utilizing your collection of Yugioh cards. There are phases in the video game. You can only do certain points in particular stages. Here are the phases:


Attract Phase


In the draw phase, players draw one card from their decks. You must attract the top card. At the start of the duel, each gamer needs to draw cards to their hand.


Standby Phase


This stage only takes place when a specific card’s impact triggers it. If this does not occur, go on to the following phase.


Key Phase


Trap Cards can be set, however not activated. Traps can just be activated on the next turn after their set. You can set monsters on the area, however, they can not strike yet. Plan out your method wisely.


Fight Phase


The extreme stage in the duel. You affix your opponent’s monsters on them straight. Direct strikes can only be used when there are no monsters on the challenger’s side of the field. If you can not or don’t want to strike, take place to the next stage.




The last phase of your turn. You merely inform your challenger that you have decided to end your turn.


These stages are incorporated into among your several kips down a battle. A battle can have more than a hundred turns or just ten turns. All of it depends on the skill of the gamers and the cards they have. Yugioh is a fantastic video game once you find out just how to play it, so go out there, duel, as well as enjoy it!

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